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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Éirewood products all made in Ireland?

Yes, all Éirewood products are handcrafted in Ireland in our workshop near Cong, Co Mayo. Every Éirewood piece is handcrafted to perfection by John and his talented craftsmen who live locally. The pieces are made from the finest Irish hardwood, sourced from sustainable Irish woodland. All of the wood used to make any of our products comes from trees that were growing on the island of Ireland. These are 100% Irish made products.

What type of timber is used to make an Éirewood piece?

We use Spalted Beech. The Beech is one of our largest and most beautiful forest trees, growing to a height of one hundred feet in as many years and continuing to grow in girth for many years afterwards.

What is Spalted Beech?

Many timbers can spalt but Beech is one of the most common. Spalting is a term used to describe the process by which certain fungi grow on dead or fallen trees and after colonizing the wood via travelling up the wood cells from the ends or from broken off branches, leave a most attractive pattern. The process takes 2 to 3 years to reach the ideal stage to cut & season the timber.

The black lines are zone lines created by different species of fungi erecting barriers around their territory! There are primary colonizers who come first and establish territories and then have to defend them against secondary colonizers who are only able to colonize the wood because the primary colonizers have changed the ph of the wood & its structure. A microscopic army! If left unchecked eventually the whole tree is eaten & consumed, part of nature's process of dealing with dead & fallen trees.

What if I want to send gifts to different addresses?

Our system does not allow for one order to ship to more than one address, so you will need to complete separate orders for each address/gifts.

Where do you ship to?

We ship anywhere in the world. Post Office Boxes cannot be shipped to.

How do I pay for my purchase?

We accept all major credit cards.

How can I return or exchange items I have purchased online?

If you change your mind for any reason please contact us within 24 hours post signed delivery of having received your order. E-mail us at Please refer to the Returns Policy in our Terms & Conditions Page.

What if something arrives broken or there's something missing?

In the rare event of an item arriving broken or where there are incorrect items or items missing from your order, please contact us immediately either by e-mail,  or call +353 (0)94 954 5697 between 9.00am to 5.00pm (GMT) Monday to Friday. Our offices are closed every Saturday, Sunday and all Irish Public Holidays. Out of hours voice-messaging service will be available on the above line.

If something is broken we will request a photograph of the damage. The easiest way is to email a digital picture or post it to Customer Services, Éirewood, Derry Quay, Cross, Cong, Co Mayo, Ireland.

I'm having trouble with my account... or I can't place an order.

Don't worry. E-mail us at 

How will shipping charges be calculated?

Refer to the Delivery Information page for a comprehensive list of shipping charges.

Can I purchase a gift voucher online?

Yes, you may purchase a gift voucher online to use in the e-shop. We can send it by e-mail or we can post your voucher to the recipient.

Are my contact details safe?

Yes, we never disclose or share any confidential information.

How do I become a stockist of Éirewood Products?

If you are a distributor or a retail buyer and are interested in stocking our products please contact our office on + 353 (0)94 954 5697 or email us at . We would be delighted to talk to you.

How do I find a stockist of Éirewood Products?

We really welcome enquiries from customers looking to source shops selling Éirewood pieces in their area and would be happy to help you locate a retail store near you. You can purchase our beautiful range of Éirewood products from selected stores around Ireland, Europe and the US. Give us a call or email us with your location and we will give you details of your nearest stockist.

How should I care for my Éirewood Piece?

Wood is a natural product so movement or cracking may occur. Wood species, grain and colour will vary. Temperature and humidity will influence the characteristics of the timber. All our products are finished with several coats of Danish Oil. If you wish to keep it looking as beautiful as it does today we recommend that you reapply some oil occasionally. Never soak in water.

Bread/Cheese Board Care Tips

Natural wood prevents bacterial growth making these boards ideal for use in a kitchen environment as a general chopping board.

  • To clean, wipe down with warm water and mild detergent or vinegar. Rinse, wipe off excess water and leave board to air dry in dish rack. Avoid prolonged immersion in water and never clean the board in a dishwasher.
  • Do not place in a microwave or near any direct heat.
  • Occasionally, apply a light coat of oil to the boards entire surface. This will preserve the timber and enhance its natural appearance. Never use cooking oils because they tend to go rancid.
  • To avoid marring the finish, do not use the board as a resting place for hot cooking utensils.

Wood is an excellent choice for chopping boards as timber contains its own antibacterial properties (anti microbial chemicals), thus making it more resistant to bacterial growth than plastic. It is said that bacteria have a tougher time surviving on wood boards. Timber chopping boards are also kinder to your knives. Alternative surfaces over a short time cause your knives to become blunt.


Éirewood is a Registered Member of the Crafts Council of Ireland